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Conference "The circular economy of CO2"

Seminar / Research

On February 8, 2024

Agglomération grenobloise

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On February 8, 2024 from 9am to 12pm, a major conference-debate is being organized as part of the Kaleidoscope INP days and with the participation of DefiCO2, on the theme: "The circular CO2 economy, a controversial solution to climate change."

The INP organized its Kaleidoscope days from February 5 to 8, 2024, which will bring together students from the 8 engineering and management schools over 4 days (February 5 to 8, 2024) for joint teaching and projects.

On February 8, 2024, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., a major conference-debate is being organized with the participation of DefiCO2, on the theme: "The CO2 circular economy, a controversial solution to climate change."
This conference is open to all.


Abstract :
Alongside efforts to avoid CO2 emissions by reducing consumption, improving energy efficiency, using industrial processes that emit less, and electrifying energy uses, CO2 capture appears to be a promising solution.
Capture can take place at stationary sources (factories) or directly in the air, using chemical or biological techniques.
This solution raises a number of questions: what are the methods and techniques? What resources are needed to capture the CO2, and to what extent are they available in sufficient quantities?  And above all, what is to be done with this captured and possibly transformed CO2, how is it to be stored and how is it to be used? Should we bury this CO2 in the ground, or reuse it, for example to produce synthetic fuels? What are the benefits of replacing current fossil resources with products manufactured with CO2 captured in the atmosphere or at the factory gate? Is there not a risk of a rebound effect, encouraging the use of fuels that are presented as less polluting than fossil fuels?

Speakers :
  • Simon Metivier, Consulting Engineer at Solagro / Négawatt, will talk about the potential of CO2 capture by biomass, and the use of biomass as a resource to produce biogas or biofuels, their place in the transition scenario proposed by the Négawatt association, and their limits.
  • Sebastien Chailleux, lecturer and researcher in political science at Science Po Bordeaux, will discuss the political dynamics of support or opposition to CO2 capture for landfill or reuse.
  • Alban Chappaz, a chemistry researcher at CEA, specializing in CO2 capture technologies for reuse, will talk about current research avenues, the promise and physical limits of these solutions.
All presentations will be in French.


On February 8, 2024


Agglomération grenobloise

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Auditorium de Grenoble-INP (Phelma Minatec), Parvis Louis Néel 38000 GRENOBLE

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